Different stretch marks treatments

Stretch marks remedy
  • Can Palmers Cocoa Butter Treat Stretch Marks?
The Palmers Cocoa Butter is a renowned skin care product available on the market since decades. But is it really helpful when it comes to stretch marks? To find it out, let’s start from examining its formula. The modern versions of the product combine the extract, glyceryl state, mineral oil, coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa seed butter, vitamin E and a number of other ingredients. While mostly a natural product, it contains a synthetic substance, namely, mineral oil. In fact, cocoa butter is not far the only ingredient. Presence of vitamin E is a good feature, because it promotes skin regeneration. The product’s moisturizing properties help prevent stretch marks. However, some skin allergies have been reported. Unfortunately, there are neither study results nor trustworthy reviews to support claims that Palmers Cocoa Butter is really able to reduce scars or stretch marks on your body.
  • Does Bio Oil Treat Stretch Marks?
Bio Oil entered the global market in 2002. The manufacturer claims the bio oil products on stretchmarskhelp.com - remedies for stretch marks. Based on its ingredients, Bio Oil is not 100% natural, as it contains mineral oil. Along with that, there are many really beneficial natural substances like oils of lavender, chamomile and calendula. The healing effect is boosted by vitamins A and E. There are 26 ingredients in all – oils, vitamins and flavourings. As the product has been on the market for about a decade, we can find out numerous reviews on the Internet. When it comes to treating stretch marks, there are no clear evidences from former users. From available date, we can conclude that the Bio Oil is really good when used as a beauty product or moisturizer. Unfortunately, it can hardly be helpful with stretch marks or scars.
  • Is Laser A Good Solution For Stretch Mark Issues?
If you consider laser therapy to get rid of those nasty stretch marks, you should know that this technique does not really remove the scars, but only fades them out. The laser beam damages your skin tissues around a scar thus promoting faster cell regeneration. Older scars are treated in a bit different way than the fresh ones. Good news is that side effects and complications are rare with the laser surgery. Make sure you have chosen a good clinic to avoid any possible problems. After the procedure, clients usually experience itching and redness for about 3 to 7 days. Price is a significant drawback of this method; so many people who cannot afford it opt for other solutions. Another disadvantage is that you need to undergo multiple treatment sessions with some days between them. That said this is not a fast and easy way.