Openness and Vulnerability Make a Woman Attractive the Most

In most cultures of the world, even in our emancipated era, looking vulnerable is what makes a woman really attractive to men. Actually, this trait plays an important role in building strong and long-lasting relationships. This is because it is so human to help other people, communicate, act in groups and create families. So we are willing to connect our life with other people. This connection can occur in different forms and for different purposes, including housekeeping, work activities or finding a loving and beloved life partner.

On the other hand, studies show that individuals who believe they are really worthy to be loved find a partner easier. The researchers on state this is actually what makes the difference in terms of how easily we connect with other people.

This is probably because people falling into this category tend to be more open and willing to communicate, so they make active steps towards like-minded people around them. They typically are not ashamed of loving or missing someone dear. On the other hand, they are open and ready to receive love too.

vulnerabilityUnfortunately, the desire to make connections and getting them is not the same. In real life, they often do not match. Nevertheless, individuals showing more vulnerability are ready to put aside their shame or mental breaks for the sake of achieving the goal. Also, they tend to blame themselves less often, if something goes wrong in their relations.

Lack of Vulnerability Dangers

There are so many people out there struggling with vulnerability. So don’t ever think you are the only one. Individuals lacking vulnerability tend to be less open and sincere; they lie or do something against their partner’s will more often. Obviously, those behavior patterns do not add to the durability of their relations.

It is also reported that the lack of vulnerability affects the individual’s readiness for the physical intimacy with their partner. The explanation is that they feel shy about their body. In this respect, the vulnerability can be regarded as the best aphrodisiac providing indisputable benefits to both partners.

Is It Possible to Become More Vulnerable?

This is the question that you might have upon reading the above study findings. Opening up to your partner can have a significant positive effect on your relations. There are a couple of helpful things to consider.

Staying frank and able to listen to your heart is probably the key advice to follow. Just rely more on your intuition to find out a suitable behavior pattern. Shake off every shame before your partner and get used to openly discuss any aspects of your life, including your personal life, housekeeping, bringing up your children, job etc.

Another helpful advice is to be future-oriented. Avoid sticking in your past, but make plans for the future together instead. Common emotions are a strong connecting factor, so try to give and receive them actively.

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Depression in Men

Clinical depression has been traditionally considered an condition found primarily in women. While this statement has good reasons to be true, we should not ignore the fact that many men are prone to depressions too. Oftentimes though, they are not willing to accept it so they try to avoid any medical examinations and diagnostics.

Symptoms of depression in men are a bit different from those in women. Among others, male patients often report lack of interest to everyday activities and pleasures, aggression outbursts and depleted libido. Obviously, all those signs are to be addressed adequately. If not, the condition may aggravate and become an annoying problem not on ly for the patient himself, but also for people around him like a partner, family members, workmates

One of major features of depression in men is the patient’s unwillingness to accept the fact. Men are supposed to be strong and successful, so they try to follow this image by any means, even sacrificing their health. As a result, such conditions as clinical depression often remain undiagnosed and untreated, Remember, however, that it is much easier to resolve this problem when there is someone by your side you can trust and rely upon.

  • Depression and Sexual Performance

Depression is a common factor of lowering sexual drive and performance. Even worse, many antidepressants widely prescribed for depression only aggravate the situation. Admitting to sexual performance problems is difficult to men. So patients often unreasonably avoid discussing the issue with their partner and a doctor.

  • Age Peculiarities

Statistically, clinical depression is found more often in elder male patients. There are several reasons for this kind of distribution pattern. The first and foremost factor to mention is that elder people have more underlying conditions. Heart, joint, blood pressure and other problems only add to the blues an old man may experience every now and then. Additionally, mobility and communication opportunities are reduced in this age too, which also contributes to the depression. Many people take their retirement very hard, as it requires changing the whole lifestyle abruptly. Struggling to find their new place in the world, they eventually come to feeling unnecessary and worthless. Once again, this is the case when family members and friends can and should help.

  • Treatment Approaches

The good news is that depression in men can be treated effectively most of the time. Taking antidepressants and psychotherapy are two major approaches widely used to relieve the condition. Whenever you have any concern about clinical depression symptoms experienced by you or someone you love, feel free to seek professional help as soon as possible. For this end, you can visit a family doctor, a local psychiatric department, social agencies and other health centers. Revealed and treated at an early stage, clinic depression can be overcome effectively, and the patient will regain his interest to life.

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